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FLOW – Sywell Echo Installation, Northamptonshire

Sywell Echo is part of FLOW, an exciting series of new site specific artworks by leading British artists that explore and respond to the journey of water.  Charles Monkhouse is the lead artist  and the installation will be on show between Saturday 22nd – Friday 28th October 2011.

The Sywell Reservoir was constructed in the early twentieth century to provide water for the Rusden and Higham Ferrers communities in Northamptonshire. Its construction, which included drowning an old mill, was controversial as was its demise as a reservoir in 1979. Local communities vigorously campaigned to prevent it becoming a rubbish tip leading to Northamptonshire Country Council adopting it as the centrepiece of the Sywell County Park.

Beneath the reservoir the beds of the old streams still define the confluence of three parishes. Sywell Echo explores the history of the valley by redrawing its hidden geography with 160 LEDs floating above the reservoir’s surface. Each light, precisely the height above the water that the stream is below, will re create, within its watery reflection, the old waterways and boundaries below.

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