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Call to action – Travel Iconography

07 November 2011

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Quiet PleaseQuiet Please

Well it might be the end of the line for our first week’s bloggers but it’s full steam ahead the Discovering Places blog as our call to action this week is Travel Iconography.

From travel posters to railway signs we’re hoping to uncover some of the UK’s weird and wonderful collections.

I was trying to think of something I might have stored away in one of my dusty boxes in my loft but sadly nothing sprang to mind.  So it was a fantastic coincidence when I met some friends for a drink in The Railway pub in Streatham, to find the walls adorned with everything from old railway posters, and magazines to railway tickets and signs.

Tickets Please

I whipped out my iphone and happily snapped each and every wall; even the back room provided me with more treasures to capture!

Special offers

A few of the punters did give me odd looks as I leant over them to take some pics but I was so excited with my discoveries that I really didn’t mind!

Skegness by rail poster

Who or what will you clamber over to share your travel iconography items with us?

Let the journey begin!


Posted by Anna Godsiff, Team DP


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