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Call to Action: Tunnels & Tube Stations

16 January 2012

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Jesmond Metro station, Newcastle upon Tyne. Copyright © Tom Page.Jesmond Metro station, Newcastle upon Tyne. Copyright © Tom Page.

We’ve unearthed a surprising variety of underground discoveries over the last few weeks on the blog. We’ve brought you stories of creepy crypts, craggy caves and striking street art – just a glimpse of the fascinating world that lies beneath our feet.

This week we want you to take you on an underground journey, looking at the transport systems that help you get where you want to go, but also weird and wonderful spaces that are now part of our underground heritage. Whether it’s travelling to work or travelling back in time, we want to explore the tunnels and underground networks that have enabled people to move around beneath the busy and unsuspecting world above.

One of my recent discoveries on my travels around the UK is the Metro system that burrows beneath the Tyne and Wear region – a network of 60 stations that not only connects Newcastle, Gateshead and Sunderland, but also the land, river and sea. As a London resident and enthusiast I’m ashamed to say that I often live in a Big Smoke bubble, completely unaware of the other iconic and handy underground transport networks that exist in the UK. So this week provides a good opportunity for me to get acquainted with Tyne and Wear’s European-sounding Metro and Glasgow’s Subway (the third oldest underground metro system in the world no less!). If you have a story to share about a tunnel, Tube/Metro station or an unusual underground network, then tell us about here on the blog or join the conversation on @DiscoverDP and .

Here’s to another week of underground exploration!

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