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Call to Action: Woods, Forests & the Single Tree

02 August 2011

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Lush forest, Box Hill, SurreyLush forest, Box Hill, Surrey

Well here we are – day one of week one of the Discovering Places blog! Loyd has introduced the blog and this month’s theme of “Green Spaces”, and now it’s over to us, the intrepid Discovering Places team, to tell you about the weekly call to action. After all, we’re not called Discovering Places for nothing!

Our call to action this week is – Urban Woods, Rural Forests or just your favourite tree – inspire others to branch out and discover! I hope the brilliant pun leaves you falling about with laughter.

As this is the first week I thought I’d start with my favourite little tree. I was given a Rowan Sapling at an event in Newcastle in May and carefully carried it all the way home to London on the train, tube and on foot in its little plastic bag full of soil and water. The poor little thing then had to spend 2 weeks propped up on my kitchen bench till I had time to get to the plant shop to buy potting mix and replant it.

2 months in its new terracotta pot home and this wonderful native has doubled in size. As my backyard is tiny I think I would only need another 5 or so saplings to justify calling it miniature urban woodlands!

Outside of my humble backyard (urban woodland) I have been discovering some incredible forests. Later this week we’ll blog about our project in Box Hill, Surrey and the ancient Yew Forest, and I’ll tell you about my adventures in the Scottish Highlands discovering a much hidden Forest.

But don’t wait for me …. Plant your pictures, comments and suggestions on our page, , or right here. Let’s see if we can get everyone whispering about woods and climbing trees.

Rowan sapling

  • August 3, 2011 at 8:42 am

    Bloged by Dominic Fisher

    Well done, Discovering Places, it’s time we took proper care of the greenery and the animals and birds in it, and learned to enjoy it for what it is – our planet, actually

  • August 3, 2011 at 9:11 pm

    Bloged by SarahMckMills

    AHHH Brilliant! As someone who has just moved to London from little green Nz I am enjoying getting out and finding the wonderful green places here!

    I love my picnic spot at Hampstead Heath – I have posted my picture on the facebook page.

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