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09 April 2012

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Philip Turvil, a Local Leader taking part in London 2012's Garden for the Games.Philip Turvil, a Local Leader taking part in London 2012's Garden for the Games.

I’m excited by yellow tomatoes. These energetic fruit are recommended as a London 2012 coloured crop to help people celebrate the Games.

I’ve joined thousands of people who have signed up free to become a ‘Local Leader’. We’re all over the UK supporting our community garden for the Games. This is a local initiative, but an Organising Committee first, that has already attracted 7,500 local champions.

I’m excited by communities growing and sharing their tasty veg to celebrate the Games. From snug windowsills to shared gardens and allotments, there’s a space for London 2012 coloured veg to harvest for family events and communal feasts.

Now’s a great time sow your veg seeds – as well as boisterous flowers. Start indoors in March for a windowbox filled with Team GB’s red, white and blue colours. A country in a basket! Move these chaps outdoors after the last frost in late May in the south; mid June north. Keep well watered and treat fortnightly with organic fertiliser.


The Local Leader website is filled with practical tips to download for novices and experts. Nothing prescriptive. More inspiration.

Look out for flower displays with a racetrack display and Paralympic Agitos logo. As well as tempting plants for all five iconic Olympic Rings, including cold-hardy varieties for colour this summer and next.

Just like the Cultural Olympiad, sharing interests offers neighbourhood legacy. I thoroughly recommend becoming a Local Leader to help people create their own Game celebrations. Please click here to sign up.


Post by Philip Turvil, Local Leader and project manager for Master Gardener programme, Garden Organic,

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