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Bloom – Forest Forge Theatre Company

04 May 2012

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This summer a theatre company based in Hampshire is being inspired by gardening and garden gnomes to get seven communities involved in a project that celebrates the arts, communities and the outside world.

Forest Forge, a professional theatre company based in the New Forest, is working on a new performance called Bloom. It is a new play which will be performed in seven venues in Hampshire and has been awarded the London 2012 Inspire Mark.

But this will be no ordinary performance!

Audience members will be walked through venues and enter gardens that reflect the last 100 years.  They will be asked to join in as the story of one family’s relationship with a garden unfolds, and the venue is transformed from indoors to out.

Youth Theatre as Garden Gnomes


In the lead up to the performances strange things will begin taking place in the communities.  Events will include the mysterious appearance of hundreds of garden gnomes, a travelling interactive potting shed and flowers sprouting from rooftops.

Bloom involves 42 community groups that Forest Forge is working with the lead up to the production.  The groups involved will take part in the performances, working alongside professional actors to create an amazing theatre and gardening experience!

Find out more about the project and how to buy tickets at:

Garden gnomes are on the loose as part of the project.  Join us on to find out more.


Post by Sophie Dubber, Forest Forge Theatre Company.


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