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Call to Action: Sounds

05 March 2012

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Bells, Whitechapel Bell Foundry

The sound of our nation’s orchestras and choirs could well still be ringing in your ears after this weekend’s UK wide musical extravaganza.  Music Nation was a huge undertaking and from what I experienced of it, an amazing success.  Our congratulations on all those who took part, thank you for an amazing weekend.  Plenty more of that to come and I’ve got the BT River of Music weekend dates saved.

Music and sounds can transport you.  A few days ago when the weather was warm and I had the office window open the sound of the construction workers drilling sounded like all the hum of lawn mowers out on a Saturday morning when I was a kid.  I also used to have a flat that was by a motorway, and we would joke with visitors on arrival that if they tried hard enough they could hear the sea – you can even turn the sound of traffic into lapping waves with a little imagination.

Meet the Species filming on a very snowy Olympic Park with Mike Dilger, naturalist and BBC The One Show presenter.


I was on the Olympic Park in early February filming for Meet the Species, and as everyone charged on ahead to set up for the next shot, I took a little moment to enjoy the sounds around me.  I was under one of the numerous bridges on the park.  The snow was melting and dropping onto the water below in loud splashes.  Noises from conversations and construction work were going on in the distance.  All the sounds seemed to combine together in a musical way as it reached me.  I was standing alone, under a bridge in the middle of the Olympic Park and the combination of the noises transformed the place.  I had a little glimpse of what this place will be like during Legacy time, a haven for wildlife and people.  Then a huge truck drove over to abruptly remind me that we have a bit more work today before we get there!

So this week we’re talking about Sounds and how they can enrich the landscape, transform the experience and bring a place to life.  Whether it’s to church bells, audio trails or just little drops of rain that you’ve been listening to, we look forward to hearing from you.

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