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Mad About Meadows

04 April 2012

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Stoke Newington Common, Mad About Meadows project.Stoke Newington Common, Mad About Meadows project.

Mad About Meadows is a project that is inspired by the newly created wildflower meadows within the Olympic Park and is aiming to “enhance communities and improve biodiversity across Greater London”.

The project is working closely with schools, community groups and land managers across the capital to create new wildflower habitats, bring people closer to nature and raise awareness as to why meadows are so important. Meadows are so valuable because they provide important habitat and sources of food for the UK’s bees and butterflies who’s numbers have really suffered in recent years.

During the spring of 2012 Mad About Meadows will be sowing a number of new meadows with a mixture of Cornflower, Corn Poppy, Corn Cockle, Red Campion, Meadowsweet and ox-eye-daisy across East London, along with checking up on our schools competition, with participants from across the Capital. There will be a 3,000m2 meadow on Hackney Downs and 10 new meadows on a housing estate in Tower Hamlets and some volunteer events.

Hackney Downs meadow, East London. Photography by Russell Shaw Higgs.

The project in Tower Hamlets will engage local residents to come out and enhance their environment by transforming the patches of grass around their estate into beautiful wildflower meadows. Here we will be working together with Discovering Places as they will help to teach the local residents all about the different types of species they can expect to find in their meadows. This is through their project Meet The Species.

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